Your Sheltie Deserves the best start in life!

Here is the Dog food that the puppies are eating and is the Dog food that I recommend. All Life Stage Dog Food Grain free. You can order your Dog Food by clicking here

I recommend you buy the 18 lb. bag, which will last you approximately 42 days. If you go on autoship, we recommend the 6 weeks autoship frequency. You can always adjust the autoship frequency if needed. When you put the Dog food on autoship you will save a few dollars.
Also you should always be giving your puppy NuVet Plus and DS joint supplements from NuVet Labs. I have been giving all my puppies this supplement from day one because I can see the difference that it makes in the health of my puppies and the parents. you can order one bottle of NuVet Plus and one bottle of DS Joint supplements by clicking here Or you can order by calling NuVet Labs at (800) 474-7044 Order Code (763545)

You can save an additional 15% and assure you never run out of NuVet by choosing the “AutoShip” option at check out. If you order one bottle of Nuvet Plus and one bottle of DS Joint. It will last three months, so I would put it on AutoShip for every three months.

I use my supplements as a treat, by breaking one wafer into four little pieces and giving the puppy one piece each time he or she obeys my commands given.