Shelties Cozy Den is located in the rolling hills of OH. We take great pride in presenting you with cute and lovable puppies. Animals have been my passion since my first Netherland Dwarf Bunny “Twinkle”, acquired as a pet in 2014. Since that time, I own and raise Bunnies as a hobby. In 2019 My sister and I each purchased a female Sheltie, and together we own Snickers, our handsome male. We enjoy them as beautiful, friendly family pets. They aren’t chained or penned except during the night, or when we aren’t at home. They have plenty of room to romp and play in the freedom of our 32 acres of wooded area and rolling hills. Their favorite pastime is playing with us.

Each puppy comes with a gift from Shelties Cozy Den to give them the best start at their new home. Everything in the gift will have the scent from it’s siblings so your puppy will not get so lonesome and will feel right at home.

Shipping and delivery is available. I prefer to drive the puppy myself to it’s new owners or meet somewhere, so the puppy does not get stressed. There is an additional charge for shipping if delivered.

Health Guarantee and Sales Agreement – It is our goal to present you with a healthy, smart, furry pal. In order to do so, we ensure that the puppy is in good health, has had its first round of immunizations, and has been dewormed. The buyer will be responsible for obtaining an evaluation by a licensed veterinarian within twenty four days of acquiring your new pet. If an untreatable medical condition is detected at this initial visit, the buyer has the option of returning the puppy to the seller, at the buyer’s cost, for a full refund. The buyer must provide a written statement signed by a licensed veterinarian clearly stating defects or illnesses. If the puppy has not been taken to a licensed veterinarian within the first twenty four days, the health warranty is void.

Should your puppy develop any congenital medical disorder during the first 12 months of life, the seller will, upon provision of veterinary reports, provide the buyer with the option of returning the puppy, and replacing the puppy with one of equal value. The 1 year health guarantee does not cover common health issues such as parasites and other treatable issues.

Limited AKC Registration – This puppy is sold with the understanding that he/she will be purely a pet and will be Spayed or Nurtured by the age of 18 Months old. Also not participate in any kind of breeding. Shelties Cozy Den offers full registration and breeding rights with an additional $600.00 charge.

Payment – The price for a Shetland sheepdog puppy is $1800. This does not include the price for shipping. The puppies will be ready to go to their new homes when they are 8 weeks old.

Reserving a Puppy – You can reserve a puppy by putting down a $600 deposit. The $1200 remaining must be paid in full before we will release the puppy to the new owner. Shelties Cozy Den accepts PayPal or cash for the deposit.

Refund of Puppy Deposit – The deposit on a puppy from an existing litter is not refundable. However, if you are making a deposit for a puppy from an anticipated litter, and the anticipated puppy becomes unavailable due to health or death, Sheltie’s Cozy Den will refund your entire deposit or offer the option of replacing this puppy with another puppy from a current or future litter.

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